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Anti-spray Face Shield Acrylic PVC Anti-Fog Dust-proof Transparent Cover Thickness 2.5MM


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About shipment :

This item can ship to the following countries from China.

1. United States:Arrival in about 14-18 Business Days

2. United Kingdom:Arrival in about 8-13 Business Days

3. Germany:Arrival in about 10-15 Business Days

4. Italy:Arrival in about 12-25 Business Days

5. France :Arrival in about 13-20 Business Days

6. Netherlands:Arrival in about 12-20 Business Days

7. Belgium: Arrival in about 12-20 Business Days

8. Poland: Arrival in about 10-15 Business Days

The face shield has a large protective transparent spacer, so it can protect the entire face firmly. In addition, visibility is high and there is space between the face and the protective cover. Protect face from saliva splash in the air. Professional face shield protects the face and eyes from flying debris. The visor is lightweight, so long hours of work will not become a burden. It is easy to install and can be freely adjusted according to the size of the head. The protective cover can be easily moved up and down. You can wear glasses. Easy to adjust for a custom with elastic headband, secure fit.

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