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10 Rolls Thickened Toilet Paper Bath Tissue, 4-ply Portable Toilet Paper Roll Tissue Paper Roll


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About shipment :

This item can ship to the following countries from China.

1. United States:Arrival in about 14-18 Business Days

2. United Kingdom:Arrival in about 8-13 Business Days

3. Germany:Arrival in about 10-15 Business Days

4. Italy:Arrival in about 12-25 Business Days

5. France :Arrival in about 13-20 Business Days

6. Netherlands:Arrival in about 12-20 Business Days

7. Belgium: Arrival in about 12-20 Business Days

8. Poland: Arrival in about 10-15 Business Days

Portable rolls with 4-ply sheets per roll. These hand towels are making it ideal for the washroom, kitchen, car,workshop or a restaurant. 4 layers thickened delivers softness and strength at a good value. No additives, no irritation, safe. Flushable and safe for standard septic and sewer systems.They fit into standard hand towel dispensers for improved hygiene and ease of use.
Attention: To avoid clogging the toilet, do not flush large amounts of paper immediately & Keep away from fire sources to avoid fire.

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